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Let Us Train and EquipYour Bidding Team For You


Proposal Specialist

  • 5 Core Modules
  • 34 Video Lessons
  • Practice Quiz
  • Mock Exams
  • Course Completion Certificate

Sell You First

  • 10 video Modules
  • 10 Self Help Exercises
  • BidBuddy Work Book
  • Peer Community Suppport
  • Course Completion Certificate

What Makes Us Different

We Actually Do This Stuff

We aren’t journalists or “researchers.” We’re in-the-trenches DOERS who despise theory and believe that the best way to learn something is to roll up your sleeves and get your hands a little dirty.

Our trainings and certifications are unique because they’re developed in-house by expert bidding practitioners who capture, bid and price…as a profession…every day.

No Airplane Required

The Baachu Scribble training center is 100% online! Forget air fare, conference fees, hotel bills and time away from work…Baachu Scribble allows YOU to decide where and when your team gets trained.

But don’t worry, our comprehensive video lessons, downloadable worksheets, quizzes and exams make sure they not only consume the trainings but that they learn the material and can execute it in your business.

Our Focus is Growth Strategy and Commercial

It’s common for workplace learning solutions to offer courses on everything from Microsoft Office to “Running an effective meeting.” And for ordinary business categories, ordinary training is sufficient.

But Growth Strategy and Commercial is different.

When it comes to making the cash register ring, your team deserves the best. At Baachu Scribble, our sole focus is Growth Strategy and Commercial, and that’s why we want to design our courses flat out better than the competition.

Not Just Training…CERTIFICATION!

Training your team is one thing, but if you want to give them the confidence they need to execute on that training, there’s nothing quite like the status boost that comes from attaining a specialist certification.

And that’s why we issue both a digital badge and a print certificate each time a member of your team passes a class. As their manager, this certificate will be an indication to you that they’re ready for prime time. More importantly, it will be a symbol to your team members that they have the skills to needed to drive real results for the company.

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Who is Baachu?

At Baachu, we are on a mission to build a premier online community for bidding professionals. We want a place where you can learn how to bid like a pro, connect with industry experts, and get the strategies and tools you need to grow and scale your career and business to new heights.

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